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As part of the Ars Bioarctica residency program we proposed a team residency consisting of L.A. based artist/maker Ian Ingram, Finnish artist Antti Tenetz and Theun Karelse. The team arrived at the station during the summer equinox. This means permanent daylight. It’s a strange thing to witness when a day doesn’t end. According to our [...]

on the 15th of June at around 5 in the morning i took my portable keyboards and played 3 short concerts at the locations b,c# and d. i played main themes of the kilpisjärvi piano piece that i am composing, each place its special themes: place b focused on the tone b, place c# on [...]

out of my window…. – this place ist just happiness to me.  

I ‘ll try to play with the light and over exposures to create an empty space….  

2nd day at the residency… on the way to Saana .        

My first day here to research for my PhD artistic research  about the topic how to visualise timelessness through the colour white – by using imagery of snow  …. So just today.. some first pics from around the house… The idea is to create an empty space with the white that surrounds objects. If you [...]

IceCubism in Kilpisjärvi 19-29.2.2016 The whiteness surrounded us after the landing from last planet. Tired eyes burned out while trying to see surroundings. There where nothing else helping us out beside pure feeling the white pulver. even the smells were totally new! After settling down we had to make our first mission to the very [...]

It’s been one week since arriving in Kilpisjärvi for the Ars Bioarctica residency. Given the occasion, it’s a good time to recount my initial experiences and discuss the focus of this residency: to translate Arctic weather patterns into sensory experiences.  More specifically, I’m interested in framing a phenomena called Arctic haze as a hyperobject*. Arctic [...]

Arrived at the station: So we finally arrived at the Biological Station on Tuesday afternoon, tired but happy. It turned out that against latest information we got in Linz about one week before we departed we are not alone here!!! No there are at least 6 researchers of very different fields here so plenty chances [...]