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We used the flagpole in front of the Kiekula to mount 2 wire antennas. They are 20m and 40m end fed dipoles that need no ground (and we are just receiving) but they also handle up to 100W TX power. They used to be build and sold by an amateur operator (AE4LD) but have recently [...]

The crew arrived with their decked out van, complete with antennae and a nice workdesk for the ground control operator and computers. The Bramor GCS (ground control station) consists of a rugged computer and guidance circuitry interface; for launching it you need also a catapult and in sub zero temperatures, it has to be a [...]

On Wednesday we are joined by the East Lapland Vocational College crew, which is operating the C-ASTRAL BRAMOR unmanned aerial system. The history of the development of this system goes back several years and it was first conceptualized already in 1999, as a sensor carrier as part of the Makrolab project. Later in 2004 the [...]

Tuesday afternoon, at around 4pm we had some action. First on the roof, and it turned out that the faint veil in the sky which first looked like yet another contrail was, but of course, guovsahasat, the light you can hear. The cameras went into action and the results were what they were supposed to [...]

Tuesday, November 20, afternoon The lab is up and running! We expected a lot more tools to be available, but with a bit of help from Leena and the crew from the Biological station and a run to the store, which is stocked much more thoroughly than expected, we were able to setup quite good [...]

This residency has had a long history, first with the Ars Bioarctica competition and later with the grants that were secured to bring the people together.  We were very glad when we started converging towards Gilbbesjavri/Kilpisjärvi from the West, Northwest, South, Southwest and Southeast. Quite a navigational feat. We were received by Leena Valkepää, who [...]

The Arctic Perspective Initiative (API) is a non-profit, international group of individuals and organizations, founded by Marko and Matthew Biederman, whose goal is to promote the creation of open authoring, communications and dissemination infrastructures for the circumpolar region. Its aim is to work with, learn from, and empower the North and Arctic Peoples through open [...]