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There was a small incident in Kilpsijärvi that was widely published in the national Norwegian Medias. Link: The Finnish Medias ignored this story totally? Not a single sentence was written even in the local papers? Is Kilpsijärvi not interesting for the Finnish audience? My week passed by to fast. I meet a lot of [...]

This service was quite good in predicting northern lights: It´s a Norwegian site that obtains it´s information from the Norwegian Spacecentre , Unis and University of Alaska. I also downloaded an application called “Aurora Buddy” for my phone. It´s should wake me when aurora activity is discovered on my cordinates. Let´s see if it [...]

Meet by Northern lights on my way to Kilpisjärvi. The spectacular magic dance on the sky lasted for several hours. I shoot 4 timelapse sequenses and it took me 4 hours. The sky’s where clear and it was very cold. When I had finished packing my gear I discovered that I could not feel my [...]