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Summer came suddenly just when I was leaving Kilpisjärvi. When I reached Rovaniemi there was 20 degrees at the railway station, and trees were already green. On my last day I still walked up in the birch forest to be for a while with the trees. They did not have leaves yet, but they were [...]

I came to these parts first in March, taking part in a workshop that combined the biology of snow with the arctic experience. Everything was shiny and blue then. Although not only blue as we were later to notice. The snow in its whiteness did show all the colours, the warmth of a purple and [...]

The landscape seems to be moving constantly, slowly, slowly . Yet it is still and silent. For it is I that am moving and the mountains , they follow me and are present. I look at them and they look back at me as living creatures do. One day last week I walked up to [...]