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Finally, during my last day here, I managed to get all the way to the summit of Saana. And it was worth it, although the wind was freezing cold. On the way up it was helping from the back, but on the way down it was blowing right in your face. No mist, luckily. The [...]

Two days of mist and rain. Yesterday I walked on the slope of Saana toward Saanajärvi, but turned around half way, scared of the fog, or perhaps tired and cold, too. Today the weather was a bit clearer, so I walked up towards Jehkas on the nature path and marveled at the open landscape on [...]

Today at noon I finished my Whitsuntide with Malla, or Little Malla, as I realized today. The real Malla is actually behind the mountain I have called Malla and is not visible from the shore. There was fog and mist during the night, but luckily the rain started only in the afternoon, when I had [...]

The heat wave is over; a cold wind blows from northeast bringing a chilly mist from the Arctic Sea, perhaps even rain later tonight. It is hard to remember what it felt like to sit on the rock on the shore last night with the sun burning hot in my neck. Now, sitting on the [...]

Rewriting an academic text on interaction as a pre-requisite for our contemporary understanding of “liveness”(and what that means for our relationship to animate beings in the environment that cannot provide an immediate experience of interaction, like trees, for example) has occupied me for most of the day. And in the evening I received a message [...]

Light and air everywhere – only towards evening some clouds have appeared. I would never have imagined that I would be waiting for clouds here, to have some relief from the glaring sun! A second day of warmth and already some signs of green surround the birches. The spring is gaining momentum now. The melting [...]

Great to be back after almost two months – everything is the same and everything has changed! Most of the snow is gone, but a lot of it still remains here and there. I knew there would be ice on the lake, but I expected the birches to be in bloom, at least slightly greenish, [...]

This is my last day and last night in Kilpisjärvi – for now. I already know I want to come back and see what this landscape looks like without snow. Today I spent most of my time indoors, but I finally managed to write a small text to use as a voice-over for the video [...]

Today I spent most of my time indoors at the computer, and also reading a book that I thought would fit into the environment, but which is rather heavy and complicated at times, Meeting the Universe Halfway – quantum physics and the entanglement of matter and meaning, by Karen Barad (2007). She is inspired by [...]

Monday was a working day – and with a beautiful sunshine most of the day! Today I made the “real” version of what I now, preliminary, call A Day With Malla (working title), a short performance for camera, or should I say a video documenting the changes in the landscape seen from the lake towards Malla [...]