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Yesterday I was out in the tundra, tunturi, and marvelling at the rolling landscape and misty backdrop of fells beyond, it seemed almost barren, where each element stood out by contrast, from little frogs to flowing water leading to a waterfall… All the way along I was admiring the splashes of yellows, oranges and reds [...]

A few days ago the rain became less frequent, since then a few times the clouds have parted and the sun has shone through, as if the lights were turned on, details in the landscape became sharper, punctuated by shadows. It has been almost visually overwhelming, after being accustomed to the muted fall colours, softened [...]

The environment here is an amazing contrast from the city, namely Helsinki, where I’m otherwise living. There can be dramatic changes in the weather and natural surroundings, the sky full of dark clouds, then suddenly the sun shines like a spotlight on the northern ridge of Saana fell. Or then there’s the more subtle changes, [...]