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I got to see very variable landscapes on my two-day camping trip to Norway. Like any other pretty place, the coastal Norway can be difficult to photograph in a more interesting way. The red cabins, turquoise sea and sandy beaches are normally too pretty and picturesque for (my) art purposes; they make great postcards though. [...]

Two days ago I photographed almost the entire herbarium collection that is kept at the biological station. Some of the plants are over 50 years old and they’ve lost most of their colour, but the collection is otherwise in a fairly good condition. I believe the plants were collected by students and they are used [...]

The first week out of my two weeks here has almost passed and I’m starting to regret I didn’t apply for a longer period. I’ve spent most of my time collecting different things: mosquitos, seashells and polypores – the latter are for a biology course I’m undertaking in university, as I am not only an [...]