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We’ve been back in Germany for almost a week now, but the internet in both our studio and flat has been terribly unreliable. As such, I haven’t posted as much as I should. Today will be pictures of some of the wilderness we encountered. Hopefully this will be a bit of a pictorial peace offering. [...]

In some ways I was lucky that much of last week was rainy, because I had tons to do. Despite the rain however, we still wanted to explore. Somehow a balance was struck. After a day or two of trying to get some of the minutia of being an artist out of the way, we [...]

1. Leipzig–>Berlin–>Oslo–>Tromso–>Kilpisjarvi At 07:30 we set out from Leipzig, and by 18:00 we were in Tromso. Not knowing what to expect, Tromso was much more vibrant than I had imagined it would be. John, our collaborator, had arrived a few days before, and had already located a Doner shop for dinner. After that we headed [...]