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Last entry in the biological station. One can only  really surrender to the ecstasis of the natural when the only mediation are the clothes one is wearing, no other technology in between. Then, the achievement of consciousness becomes a possibility. It is not an easy price to pay. Edvard and I tried to get to the [...]

This entry is a gallery of the amazing photos of fellow researcher and friend Edvard Davra Sarroca.

Reindeer fence.  One of the things I was searching for to experience in terms of the ectasis of the environment, was letting go of the self. This same letting go, I saw in the eyes of a reindeer today. At the fence, reindeer are separated to be tagged and then taken to the truck that will [...]

We crossed the lake today to the other side (Sweden) from the station.  Iv’e  attempting to surpass my superficially established conceptions of the artic to actually be able to take in, at least minimally, the surrounding environment of the station. Today something was achieved. I had to do with feeling of being lost in the middle [...]

First reading today. One hour.  

Thinking about representation, imaginaries,  perceptual numbness and distortions: 1. Reindeer fence. It is such an aesthetic and life experience at many different levels. 2. Recorded the Korg MS mini today. I think I like it, but not so sure if the sound I built is a superficial representation of what I can see through my [...]

It may sound obvious, but there is nothing like the direct experience of things. The rest is just what our imaginary builds. I’ve never seen such colours in a sunset or the moon at noon in the sky. There is something in common about the people who choose to come to this station during winter. [...]

Northern lights. Finally.

Reindeer separation today. A very profound and yet a simple event at the same time. This experience among others in this residence, makes me think about how important it is to have a more direct, less mediated encounter with life. Perhaps  if we could have more significant experiences  in our city upbringing,  we could shake [...]

Kia took me to  a gym today.  It is interesting to think about the small things that start to make you feel at home. It is also interesting to think about what makes people connect.  Whatever it is, it surpasses contextual or generational differences. That is really great.