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At last here is an update on our project. We have been getting used to being back in California after a few months in Finland and I have to say, it’s been a bit of an adjustment. We would like to thank Pirjo for arranging our housing and giving us a lift to the K-Market [...]

In addition to collecting snow and water samples, I’ve been collecting sounds of snow, ice and water from Kilpisjärvi. I’ve assembled some of these sounds into a simple collage that spans from winter to spring. It begins with silence (the most important sound of the forest!). Then sounds of snow in and around the birch [...]

We have been back for the past week for the second part of our project. What a difference in the landscape; from blue, white, and black to all the colors of early summer. We’ve had some sunny days and some rainy days; I will try to keep this brief so I can finish some more [...]

David last posted about the analysis he did on the snow samples he collected when we were here in March. I made 4 simple paintings to pair with each one of his collection sites: 1) Mountain Birch Forest 2) Birch Forest Transitional Zone 3) Alpine 4) Lake Here’s a picture of the winter paintings in [...]

In March, around the time that snow packs were deepest, I studied snow along an elevation gradient from the lake, through the birch forest, and up Saana. The picture above is the deepest pit I dug, around 1.7 meters, just at the upper edge of the birch forest on the way up Saana. I measured [...]

Kim Reasor and David Lipson here.  We have split our residency into two visits, one in winter, one which will occur in late spring.  We spent last week at the field station establishing 6 study sites along an elevation gradient.  David collected snow and water samples for further analysis, while I made some sketches and [...]