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The residency-period is coming to an end. The movements of the embodied zooming and distancing are leaving substantial traces for the on-going research.  I think this experience will echo in my research for a long time. I wish all the best for the residency and the artists coming here; thank you and hope to see [...]

This morning the transforming luster shaped by the edges of shadow and light turned the lake Kilpisjärvi into moving thresholds. I took the poles and started to chase and mark the circulating thresholds. Videowork done.

test3: snowball throwing movement statistics

Tonight great discussions with Leena. Reindeers, wind, snow, seasons, movement. Tea and salmiakki-ice-cream.

test2: snowsmosis    


Kipisjärvi, 31st of March 2016, 2:10 am _Yes Simo, they did bring them . . . .

The incessant interplay of the shady and luminous movements magnetizes me. The source of this play is the wind. The shapes of the wind are everywhere, evolving. In this region the wind can couple the movements of the reindeers and humans (source: Leena Valkeapää: Luonnossa, vuoropuhelua Nils-Aslak Valkeapään tuotannon kanssa)  ……………………………………………………I wonder if the solar [...]

The present scale of movement extends literally from microscopic to telescopic, from cellular to cosmologic. Climbing the fell Saana today activated this circuiting scale in broad velocities and deep microphysical magnitudes. This is deepening my understanding of the complex relations between movement, choreography and the human body as materialities to articulate simultaneous multidirectional contingency instead [...]

    . test1: poles    

A guest is an artistic research project, which consists of the series of photography documentations from habitual walks in diverse environments. The focus of the project is to explore the movement surrounding in which the human body takes place. I have arrived today to the residency to explore the moving environment in order to document [...]