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Kilpisjärvi, 8th of April 2016 _One of these mornings, after a cold night, the birches seem to wear little bud-mirrors at the edge of their branches. It reminded me about this (and linked for few seconds the lap lake and the thaï forest) _Thank you Ars Bioarctica residency for having me and the research by [...]


  Kilpisjärvi, 7th of April 2016 _The Skene Expedition (Part II – Kilpis Lake) (click on GIF to enlarge)


  Kilpisjärvi, 5th of April 2016 _The Skene Expedition (Part I – Saana Fell) (click on GIF to enlarge)


Kilpisjärvi, 5th of April, 12:30 _Unfogging. The Skene Expedition can leave the basecamp.


Kilpisjärvi, 5th of April, 8:30 am _Fog. Skene Expedition deferred until clearance.


Kilpisjärvi, 4th of April 2016 _Skene ready to be installed tomorrow morning on the stage on the slope of Saana Fell. Wind forecast promising. Just light breeze.


Kilpisjärvi, 3rd of April 2016 _Paras (1419 m)


——————————————————————– ————————————- Kilpisjärvi, 3rd of April 2016, Midnight _”Greet the king with a welcoming expression in your eyes, your hands, and your words. You should look like an innocent flower, but be like the snake that hides underneath the flower.”


kilpisjärvi, 2nd of April 2016 _On the hike in the morning to the Saana lake. From the path over the site, the lake looked like a volcano crater filled with snow and scratched in the diameter by traces of snowmobiles. Not a single soul around just the blinding cryospheric whiteness under the vernal sun. Faraway, [...]


Kilpisjärvi, 1st of April 2016 _The night has been cold, colder than the previous ones. In the early morning it is -15°C and I have a walk on the frozen lake which sparkles as if it would have absorbed northen lights and all galaxies during the night. The sky is hyperclear and the contours of [...]