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I participated the autumn excursion of the Finnish Phytoplankton Society during my  residency in Kilpisjärvi (2.-8.9.2012). We were 7  phytoplankton experts and me as an artist. Researcher Laura Forsström was our experienced team leader.   Last three years I have been  focused on plankton, especially on  learning to know and  understand  single cell algae more [...]

17.7.   Today back to Helsinki.

4.7.  8.7.  16.7. 16.7.

15.7.   Trinket by a water butterfly. 13.7.   Helene Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche during their  reception  at the station’s lecture room. They  described their art project here in Kilpisjärvi  and  opened the theoretical thinking behind it, as well (Claudia in blue colour, Helene on right side of her) 2.7.   Reindeer are around our house [...]

During the   last six  days Sini Haapalinna and I have been working at the mountain ponds, rivers, springs and rocky slopes. 9.7. 9.7.

I decided to make my blog diary even more simple. I just add   one or two  images per day.  The first image here  is green water  you feed water fleas with.(living single cell algae). Then comes  two images through the microscope and   the  bottles where I keep water fleas. 29.6. 30.6. 6.7. 7.7.

28.6.2010 Claudberries are blooming at the water flea pond. Picking out unwanted animals. On the way home we saw him or her building a nest. First generation water fleas are big, maybe 3-5 mm.

26.6.2010. We started from Skibotn, took ferry to other side of the fjord and back to  Skibotn. There was a big fishing competition going on on Skibotn side of the fjord!  In one village we were offered waffles and coffee by very, very friendly ladies of  a gift shop. 27.6.2010. After hiking a whole day [...]

25.6.2010/ It was so nice to find Milla, Heather, Laura, Martin and Jörg in the laboratory of Biological Station!  Martin had baked an apple strudle and i had my computer, stickers and posters with  me so I could show   recent achievements of the Water Flea Circus in Joensuu.   We had fun and afterwards i felt [...]

13.7. Kaisu, Oula, Helene, Claudia and Antero looking for arctic char. 13.7. Underwater shooting 4.7.2010 -  With a student course at the Leena Pond.  I took a sample of the  pond bottom with water and a zoo plankton sample of a nearby pond. Later I examined them in the laboratory. 4.7. 5.7. —— Leena Pond [...]