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my kilpisjärvi piano piece an open structure in three connected parts construction,  parameters and all other necessary information result of three parts of the landscape, three places. they are connected, in all the places the tones b, c# and d are the main tones and the base of the melody/modus/joik of the place. the other tones, [...]

the main tones of my kilpisjärvi piano piece will be c#, d and b.   i want to thank the austrian ministry for european and international affairs for funding my travel and  supporting this project!

today everything unclear, undecided. in the last days and today i found three to four places that would inspire me. i measured those places, recorded the sounds there and took pictures. of two of the places i created a map. no decision today. absence of human noise: memories instead. in sami culture in the northern [...]

there are 2 personal statements i have to make as a starting point of this blog: - i never have been so far up north before, never experienced 24h sunlight / midnight sun. -and i have never written a blog before. this first contribution is written on the 5th day of my stay. i took my [...]