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Sitting on a stone I found a tiny green caterpillar climbing my left boot. For better inspection I took it on my fingertip. It was quite agile and tried to escape until a mosquito arrived. Instead of biting the fingertip it aimed for the green little worm. The caterpillar reared up scaring the mosquito away. [...]

This morning, around 5 am, – we were alone in the house – somebody knocked on the door. We went downstairs to see if it was an emergency or what. Sitting on the windowsill a fat Hooded Crow knocked on the glas. She woke us to a sunny and interesting cloudy sky. Later it rained [...]

Up the 700something steps to Saana: Why do people pile up these heaps of stones when they come closer to the top of a mountain? Not only it is disturbing the landscape but it feels creepy. Is it a kind of archaic drive to pile up? Another way of inscribing themselves in the stone on [...]

Yesterday I’ve killed 5 mosquitoes. So today we – the mosquito society and me – came to a general understanding. If I kill 5 per day, let 5 feed on me, swat away 101, then the rest of the population will leave me in peace. So far it worked fine – for me.