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Night to July 24, 6 hours of sleep, continuous I was dreaming that I was dead. How did I know? – I was asking myself in the dream. “I must have died, because I see my hometown as would have never been possible in my life.” I was wandering in streets among old buildingss with [...]

New Interpretaion of the latest dream: The ‘drunkard’ I was dreaming of has had an existence in an observation some days ago. I was witnessing during the journey to Kilpisjärvi a scene involving two police officers and a ‘drunkard’ on a public place in Helsinki near the Kiasma Museum. Many spectators were attracted to an [...]

Night to the 17th of July, 8 hours of sleep, interrupted I was dreaming being in the state of temporary homelessness. I was in an appartment building seeking shelter, and surprisingly getting an offer by a policeman to inhabit for some days the flat of a man who would no longer need his former home. [...]

Dream of the Night to July 12. Appr. 3 hours of sleep, outside I was dreaming to be a tourist in an old European place, northern, in a way, that formerly had a lively habour. I was part of a guided tour with other english speaking tourists, guided by a blonde woman. She lead us [...]

Dream of the night to July 10th 7 hours of sleep, interrupted First dream: I was dreaming that I was witnessing the newest trend in psycho-treatments, being advertised in a theatre show, that means, as a real case being treated on stage. First the way to get accepted by this new therapist was performed. A [...]

I never do diaries. It is too personal to begin with this in public, isn’t it? But as an artist in residence generally there shouldn’ t be this delicacy … maybe by escaping through much too authentic messages to everybody. This will be a dream diary of my time in Kilpisjärvi, topped with some hints [...]