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Today is my last day here and I´m trying to feel better thinking that I´ll come back. As a goodbye from Kilpis to me (yeah, I have some ego issues) there was an incredible Nothern Lights sky that I could not photograph. It all happened so fast, as many other things in this nature. It [...]

Yes, finally I decided to ski. I know, I should have tried earlier but since I fall a lot in a normal terrain with good shoes, I was a bit worried about what would happen with me and the ski. Anyway, it was very nice and much easier than I thought (I went to the [...]

In the last days I was trying to overcome a terrible sadness that I´ve got since the day of departure is arriving. I´ll try to register the things I´ll remember the most here. The cloudberries that Leena gave me, the Kiekula house, the texture of the snow, the glittering snow when I walk. I hope [...]

After our meeting last week Leena told me that the phrase Time is like a ship that never anchors that I´ve seen in a book about the Sami tradition is related to the Sami that lived near the rivers (she concluded it by knowing where the author of the book come from). She said that [...]

In the last days I´ve been organizing some ideas after all the visits and wondering around. It´s really amazing how this place changes so fast, many times a day. The light is always different, the texture of the snow, the wind and the clouds create a combination that I could easily just take a picture [...]

Today I visited an artist that lives near here, Leena Valkeapaa and her husband Oula. It was an amazing day, one of those days when you think about why do you stay some much time far away from your family and friends and you have the answer right there. Beside the very nice way of [...]

There´s a common phrase in occidental cultural that associates the time with a river. A line that goes from the past to the present and then the future. It´s interesting that Sami relates time with a ship. If it´s a ship it can go in different directions, go back and forth and that´s open new [...]

Today after I´ve finished my everyday struggle with Final Cut I´ve visited the lab where Kimo, a white fish researcher was analyzing some samples to understand how white fish species behave and hybridize. It was very interesting. The microscope he was using could not take pictures, but since I was indoors the whole day, the [...]

The last days were beautiful so I´ve decided to walk until the Norwegian border, a couple of kilometers from here. It was -12 but with the sun you don´t feel the cold at all. In this incredible nature everything looks so amazing that seems it´s posing for you every time. In this post I basically [...]

Today the day was beautiful and I decide to go out out and do some recording and think about temporal, since that´s I´m here for. I won´t be writing about my notes since it would become too long and not suitable for a post. I was just surprise to see how animals went out yesterday [...]