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Since we let too much time pass since our last post and our residency has long been over, we have decided to make this our las post here. You can read more about the project in spanish in this blog. The last time we posted about the project we were ready to hike to Saana [...]

Today is July 3. Our time in the residency has ended days ago and I am writing this post from a flooded, chaotic Mexico City. Since we had a busy couple of weeks working at Kilpisjärvi and traveling back to Mexico, we couldn’t publish the development of the project in real time. However, there are some [...]

We are all dressed-up and ready to hike. We are receiving the summer solstice at mount Saana, with our solar panel and our batteries ready to capture the sun in all its glory next to the remains of planes from the WWII, and close to a beautiful frozen pond we chose. There is only one [...]

My father is a botanist, and he has spent several years of his life studying, among other things, the genus pinguicula in Mexico. In fact, he has been studying this genus for more time than I have been alive, and sometimes I go with him in his field trips, some times in search for pinguiculae. [...]

Since this is the first post of the SOLARIS project, I’ll try to explain the basics. Who are we? We are Emilio Zamudio Murillo & Berenice Rodríguez Ramírez. We have different backgrounds in art but we concur in our interest in sculpture, light, and open spaces. What are we doing? We want to store the [...]