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I’m back home now, although in my mind I’m still in Kilpis…. not only to look back at all work initiated, partly completed and partly unfinished, but mostly to look back in regret. Wish I could stay longer! Wish I was still there! Wish I didn’t had to leave at all… Winter was truly coming [...]

Today I tried to catch a reindeer, but all I got was his nose….

During a field trip that was part of the Field_Notes workshop, I catched a lemming! There are many of these small rodents this year, it is almost impossible NOT to see one when you’re out hiking. Usually they disapear as soon as possible in one of their holes, but if you are lucky no entrences [...]

Today I gave my first FOOD RELATED workshop….. in Small Projects in Tromso. It was nice. Just a few people showed up, but we have enjoyed ourselves, inspired each other and made a very usefull mapping while discussing the online platform. And…. we ate almost al berries that I picked in the Kilpisjarvi-backyard yesterday!

I am working on my cultural probes these days… creative questionnaires for a workshop that I am hoping to give for Saami. This is all part of my artistic PhD, more specifically a project called FOOD RELATED. If you want to know more:

To enjoy the freedom of being wireless has an extra meaning when you’re out on the tundra.

Hello! My name is Rosanne van Klaveren and I have just arrived in the residency. This afternoon I have been scrolling around in the ‘backyard’ to welcome that what brought me here: blue berries, fresh air, cotton grass, arctic willow, reindeer, but most of all: SILENCE! I also welcomed the autumn, ‘coss it was still [...]