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At last here is an update on our project. We have been getting used to being back in California after a few months in Finland and I have to say, it’s been a bit of an adjustment. We would like to thank Pirjo for arranging our housing and giving us a lift to the K-Market [...]


Kipisjärvi, 29th of March 2016 (NOTES – DRAFT) _Hypothesizing on the possibility that Western theatre has been operating from indexical temporal notions such as nowness and co-presenceness them- selves indexed to a specifically Western conception of linear time and theological idea of happening (or epiphany). _Heterochronic theatre seeks to alter this series of indexicalities of [...]

Yesterday we went to the triple border, and it was amazing to see the lake when it is brave and you can feel this energy too. Then, when we´re  walking back to the boat, a man came near and started to talk about the mountains and the lemmings. Maybe he could be a teacher or a [...]

There are several different ways that the location of the Arctic is determined.  The first is what is known as the Arctic Circle, or the latitude of 66 degrees North.  By some accounts, everything above that latitude is considered the Arctic.  However, others prefer to use the tree line to designate the Arctic.  This is [...]