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Here is the Kilpisjarvi soundmap, hosted by the wonderful radio aporee and open to posts of field recordings of the area to see how it changes through the seasons, and perhaps time. It is not a place to upload composed sound pieces or derived works inspired by the landscape or any other related sonic experiences. [...]

TRINGA is a kaleidoscopic audio/visual experiment taking inspiration from a field recording of the constant repetitive alarm call of the Common Greenshank (Tringa nebularia) which is often heard on the tundra lakes and pools. The varying lichen types depicted have played a fundamental role in this environment. Known as a ‘Pioneer Species’ lichens were the [...]

Exploratory creative fieldwork in Artic Lapland, beginning with the mediums of ‘extended-technique’ sound recording and macro and micro visual study. I have so far spent my stay on the residency with a thorough and intensive period of gathering and documenting the surrounding landscape and environment. Exploring the themes of scale and our perceived position in [...]