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I’m back home now, although in my mind I’m still in Kilpis…. not only to look back at all work initiated, partly completed and partly unfinished, but mostly to look back in regret. Wish I could stay longer! Wish I was still there! Wish I didn’t had to leave at all… Winter was truly coming [...]

Since we let too much time pass since our last post and our residency has long been over, we have decided to make this our las post here. You can read more about the project in spanish in this blog. The last time we posted about the project we were ready to hike to Saana [...]

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17.7.   Today back to Helsinki.

Today is my last day here and I´m trying to feel better thinking that I´ll come back. As a goodbye from Kilpis to me (yeah, I have some ego issues) there was an incredible Nothern Lights sky that I could not photograph. It all happened so fast, as many other things in this nature. It [...]