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#7 Today I found myself struggling with a quick construction to capture the reflecting light on the surface of the lake. Under windy and wavy conditions, instead of catching reflections, the cyanotype formed a chromatographic pattern by tipping the water. (cyanotype on cotton 150x200cm) notes: indigo. a value of concentration.                 [...]

Besides working on data_opera and the search for natural random-sources I spent some hours, mainly at night time on my amateurish approach to analogue photography. I focussed on long-time exposures to catch photons of the big ghost fo the area, the Aurora Borealis. Well equipped with two analogue cameras, a Nicon F and a Hasselblad [...]

Special problems of information-theory / special problems of information-society   The project does focus on questions on the one side related to the paradox to use logical machines (RNG – random-number-generators) to produce random(numbers) and on the other side on questions concerning acoustic perception and acoustic information distribution e.g useful for environmental sensory systems and [...]

Yesterday we went to the triple border, and it was amazing to see the lake when it is brave and you can feel this energy too. Then, when we´re  walking back to the boat, a man came near and started to talk about the mountains and the lemmings. Maybe he could be a teacher or a [...]

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going on a field outing with researcher Maria Tuomi. We headed to the other side of the Saana mountain to the Saanajärvi area (or Saana Lake) where there was an experiment in progress to determine some of the possible effects of climate change on the area. We also visited [...]

Dome for camera capturing the aurora at Kilpisjarvi On the bus to Kilpisjarvi, I ran into Leena Valkeapää, a filmmaker and scholar married to a man from a well-known family of Sami reindeer herders in the area.  As we talked about climate change and how it had been affecting the reindeer herders, Leena said something [...]

There are several different ways that the location of the Arctic is determined.  The first is what is known as the Arctic Circle, or the latitude of 66 degrees North.  By some accounts, everything above that latitude is considered the Arctic.  However, others prefer to use the tree line to designate the Arctic.  This is [...]

In the last days I´ve been organizing some ideas after all the visits and wondering around. It´s really amazing how this place changes so fast, many times a day. The light is always different, the texture of the snow, the wind and the clouds create a combination that I could easily just take a picture [...]

The last days were beautiful so I´ve decided to walk until the Norwegian border, a couple of kilometers from here. It was -12 but with the sun you don´t feel the cold at all. In this incredible nature everything looks so amazing that seems it´s posing for you every time. In this post I basically [...]

Today the day was beautiful and I decide to go out out and do some recording and think about temporal, since that´s I´m here for. I won´t be writing about my notes since it would become too long and not suitable for a post. I was just surprise to see how animals went out yesterday [...]