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#6 Using the station’s UV Spectrophotometer, UV-120-02, Shimadzu I regard the absorbance spectrum of the cyanotype dye. I compare the absorbance value of the dye unexposed and exposed (30min) with no significant results. I assume the chosen duration was too short to state a difference in the absorption rate of the dye. The absorption spectrum [...]

Tuesday, November 20, afternoon The lab is up and running! We expected a lot more tools to be available, but with a bit of help from Leena and the crew from the Biological station and a run to the store, which is stocked much more thoroughly than expected, we were able to setup quite good [...]

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Today after I´ve finished my everyday struggle with Final Cut I´ve visited the lab where Kimo, a white fish researcher was analyzing some samples to understand how white fish species behave and hybridize. It was very interesting. The microscope he was using could not take pictures, but since I was indoors the whole day, the [...]