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The last days were beautiful so I´ve decided to walk until the Norwegian border, a couple of kilometers from here. It was -12 but with the sun you don´t feel the cold at all. In this incredible nature everything looks so amazing that seems it´s posing for you every time. In this post I basically [...]

After riding a bike for some kilometers and having all my video camera batteries dead I decide to stay home and study. I saw a wolverine running in the way, but there was no time to take pictures, so I´ll just keep the image in my memory. But here´s a photo so you can have [...]

Today I spent the day in Tromso (Norway). The trip was amazing, to see how the mountains became bigger and bigger (if compared to the place where I am, of course) and suddenly there was the sea in the Artic. After I got there I went to the Tromso Museum of Natural Science and as [...]

Today the sun went out today. Since I´ll be doing some exciting activities in the next couple of days I just decided to get prepared and do some testings with my camera. I´ve been reading some texts about the Saami houses, the lávvu and the goahti (or kota in Finnish). I´m still looking forward to [...]