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Kipisjärvi, 31st of March 2016, 2:10 am _Yes Simo, they did bring them . . . .

Besides working on data_opera and the search for natural random-sources I spent some hours, mainly at night time on my amateurish approach to analogue photography. I focussed on long-time exposures to catch photons of the big ghost fo the area, the Aurora Borealis. Well equipped with two analogue cameras, a Nicon F and a Hasselblad [...]

The goal was to photograph the starry sky, milky way and, if possible, some Northern lights. In our mind: nice starscapes over Malla and cool timelapses. The only time-frame to do so was Christmas week, due to our regular jobs. So there we’re in Kilpisjärvi, the 24th of December. Six hours late, after the train [...]

This service was quite good in predicting northern lights: It´s a Norwegian site that obtains it´s information from the Norwegian Spacecentre , Unis and University of Alaska. I also downloaded an application called “Aurora Buddy” for my phone. It´s should wake me when aurora activity is discovered on my cordinates. Let´s see if it [...]