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Today I gave my first FOOD RELATED workshop….. in Small Projects in Tromso. It was nice. Just a few people showed up, but we have enjoyed ourselves, inspired each other and made a very usefull mapping while discussing the online platform. And…. we ate almost al berries that I picked in the Kilpisjarvi-backyard yesterday!

26.6.2010. We started from Skibotn, took ferry to other side of the fjord and back to  Skibotn. There was a big fishing competition going on on Skibotn side of the fjord!  In one village we were offered waffles and coffee by very, very friendly ladies of  a gift shop. 27.6.2010. After hiking a whole day [...]

Today I spent the day in Tromso (Norway). The trip was amazing, to see how the mountains became bigger and bigger (if compared to the place where I am, of course) and suddenly there was the sea in the Artic. After I got there I went to the Tromso Museum of Natural Science and as [...]