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TRINGA is a kaleidoscopic audio/visual experiment taking inspiration from a field recording of the constant repetitive alarm call of the Common Greenshank (Tringa nebularia) which is often heard on the tundra lakes and pools. The varying lichen types depicted have played a fundamental role in this environment. Known as a ‘Pioneer Species’ lichens were the [...]

  October 5, 2014 near the station While recording grass and other plants, a moth landed nearby. The link below goes to the streaming video, Moth, Grass, Wind. I saw only a few moths after this cold and windy day.  All work is © 2014   BMI and all images are from video stills Birch [...]

Day No 11/12 30.11/01/12 2013 First reflections: In Helsinki I will set up the sensors with Arduino only to log some data with the same filters which are still in the sensor housings to get data for comparison with the data recorded at Kilpisjärvi. Back in Linz there I have to dig the field of [...]

Arrived at the station: So we finally arrived at the Biological Station on Tuesday afternoon, tired but happy. It turned out that against latest information we got in Linz about one week before we departed we are not alone here!!! No there are at least 6 researchers of very different fields here so plenty chances [...]

Special problems of information-theory / special problems of information-society   The project does focus on questions on the one side related to the paradox to use logical machines (RNG – random-number-generators) to produce random(numbers) and on the other side on questions concerning acoustic perception and acoustic information distribution e.g useful for environmental sensory systems and [...]

As a wrap-up of my residency and as a tribute to the wonderful nature of the Kilpisjärvi region i will present four sound interventions at different locations and times in the field between the Saana fjell and lake Veikkolammit. The events of audible land art take place as follows: flowing @ the monolith 27.07.2013, 23:30-24:00 [...]

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