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#6 Using the station’s UV Spectrophotometer, UV-120-02, Shimadzu I regard the absorbance spectrum of the cyanotype dye. I compare the absorbance value of the dye unexposed and exposed (30min) with no significant results. I assume the chosen duration was too short to state a difference in the absorption rate of the dye. The absorption spectrum [...]

#3 notes: a spectrum is not a real condition. It is a behaviour forced upon.                         30.06.16 It feels like it is missing its point.                                                                                 02.07.16   Although struggling with the aesthetics of the spectrum, now and again I consult DIY-resources to create very [...]

#2 Sir John Herschel, known for his achievements in astronomy and chemistry, discovered the chemical reaction of the cyanotype in 1842 (1). Initially Herschel explored the cyanotype process in its ability to measure the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. Later this sensitivity to UV-light was employed for scientific instruments, as for example for the Jordan [...]