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IRIS and the antenna field I am sitting here on our last day watching the lake and the ever changing sky through the best TV screen ever, the window in the main room at the Kiekula house. Jean-Philippe and I have spent the last two weeks here making sound recordings of the surrounding landscape with [...]

Here is the Kilpisjarvi soundmap, hosted by the wonderful radio aporee and open to posts of field recordings of the area to see how it changes through the seasons, and perhaps time. It is not a place to upload composed sound pieces or derived works inspired by the landscape or any other related sonic experiences. [...]

#7 Today I found myself struggling with a quick construction to capture the reflecting light on the surface of the lake. Under windy and wavy conditions, instead of catching reflections, the cyanotype formed a chromatographic pattern by tipping the water. (cyanotype on cotton 150x200cm) notes: indigo. a value of concentration.                 [...]

All sounds recorded with piezo disks and/or hydrophone. Streaming 6 minute link: 

After our meeting last week Leena told me that the phrase Time is like a ship that never anchors that I´ve seen in a book about the Sami tradition is related to the Sami that lived near the rivers (she concluded it by knowing where the author of the book come from). She said that [...]